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Hitachi Rice Cooker

Consumer reviews about the top Hitachi Rice Cooker including recommended discounts that will save you off the Listed Price. For healthy meals its vital to have a cooker to help cooking rice easily, fast and mouth watering taste. Browse our listings to compare. All items shown are in stock.
Hitachi Rice Cooker Reviews - FAQ and Questions
- What Brand has the best rice cooker?
i am referring to the quality, whether it lasts long till it breaks down and probably below 50 bucks

A I bought an Hitachi brand rice cooker 15 years ago at J.C. Penney's, and it's still working great! I like the cooker method because you can start it at any point before dinner because it will 'hold' and flavor will enhance for up to an hour's waiting on the automatic 'warm' setting once the rice is cooked. Mine has a 'ding-ding' bell that goes off so I know when it's ready. You can re-heat rice in the same steamer by putting in the steamer-plate, adding rice and the measured amount of water to bring rice back to just-cooked condition. Re-heating rice in the microwave [by the serving or the whole bunch] works great too - sometimes I make a whole bunch of rice and then have it for subsequent meals. Agree that a good heavy pot works fine too, but the 'no-hands' cooker is still my favorite...no stirring, no peeking, no watching...just bung in the rice & water and turn the sucker on. Color me La-Z-One.
- Hitachi Rice Cooker?
I have a Hitachi RT-12AY rice cooker and I am having the problem of the rice sticking to the bottom of the pan. Does anyone have any suggestions what the problem is, reliable answer only please.

A Spray first w/ Pam. Don't open lid while it's cooking. Make sure you are using the measuring device that came w/ the rice cooker. It is in Imperial measurements, not American. So when it calls for so many "cups" of water, you must use their measuring cup or risk the ratios being wrong.
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