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Microwave Rice Cooker

Consumer reviews about the top microwave rice cooker including recommended discounts that will save you off the Manufacturers Retail Prices. Rice lovers unite its key to have a small appliance to make cooking rice easily, fast and mouth watering taste. Browse our listings to compare. All cookers shown are in stock.
Microwave Rice Cooker Reviews - FAQ and Questions
- Simple Jasmine Rice meal? (rice cooker, microwave)?
Alright, so I have some extra Jasmine rice and need a simple recipe to use up the rest of it. Anyone know a good recipe that I could manage with a rice cooker and microwave only? Simple sauce? Toppings? Sides? The extra rice I had was uncooked. I ended up buying stir fry sauce and frozen stir fry vegetables and then letting them simmer in the rice cooker until most of the water evaporated. I then poor the sauce and vegetables over the rice. You can warm up white rice in the microwave by nuking it for for a few minutes with a wet towel over top.

A Fried rice would be a good idea. Fried rice is good to cook with rice that has already been stored in the fridge, overnight rice is beter to cook with fried rice because it is drier. Hard to explain,.. Anyway I found few recipe, the one below is very simple to cook. Rice that has already been cooked, people usually don't use rice cooker or microwave except for few dishes. Never heard anyone use microwave or rice cooker to cook already cooked rice, maybe you can do it and I don't know the method or maybe you have a different type of rice cooker than mine. If you go to the link, they cook rice from scratch using rice cooker, not sure if you can cook a meal with already cooked rice using rice cooker or there is a method to do it. Anyway I posted some rice recipes here and hope you like it. http://camilla-cheung.suite101.com/rice-cooker-recipes-a148618 http://allrecipes.com/recipe/jasmine-rice/ http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/shrimp_fried_rice/ http://yireservation.com/recipes/hokkien-fried-rice/
- I purchased a microwave rice cooker. Does anyone have instructions/recipes for using one of these?
Here is a link to what it looks like- I would appreciate any suggestions. I purchased it from Goodwill and the instruction manual was only in Japanese. http://www.cooking.com/products/shprodde.asp?SKU=652175

A Question I received a microwave rice cooker for Christmas, but the instructions are in Japanese. I am anxious to try it, but don't know where to start. Are there any basic instructions that are applicable to all microwave rice cookers, or do I need to contact the manufacturer for their specific instrucitons? Answer Hey Suzen, It's always amazing to me how many "specialty" accessories are offered for microwave cooking. Rice couldn't be easier to make by microwave; just place 1 cup of rice (any kind except brown) with 2 cups of water and microwave on high for 8 minutes and medium (50%) for about 12 minutes and you have perfect rice everytime. Try this formula with your new rice cooker and see if it works. If the result is not up to your expectations, play around with the times until you get the result you desire. I suspect that your new cooker has a perforated insert included with a bowl and cover. The theory is that after the rice has absorbed enough water to make it tender the remaining water steams the kernals to make them less sticky. If it works, GREAT! Incidentally the best rice for microwave is the converted kind (Uncle Ben's) For more microwave recipes adn tips take a look at my website jumpstartcooking.com. Enjoy!
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